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Boots on the Ground Theater, Inc is committed to raising funds that directly impact the characters of our film as well as others around the world dealing with similar persecution or intolerance. We have selected organizations, and resources that represent many elements from the film, so you are able to specifically direct your aid and research to the organizations and causes of your choice. Is there another organization or resource that should be identified here? Send us an email to and let us know.

Ezra International

For only $360.00 you can provide practical aid to a Jewish Ukrainian person looking to immigrate. Ezra International works in multiple countries around the world and has currently helped over 74 thousand impoverished Jewish people to return to Israel. Ezra has ensured that all donations

generated on this toolkit will be directed specify and solely to help the Jewish people living in Ukraine

Boots on the Ground

In addition to our wonderful partner organizations , Boots on the Ground Theater Inc. is committed to helping raise awareness about the conflict in Ukraine and the modern spike in antisemitism  worldwide. With your help, we will continue to produce  untold stories. Donating here will directly benefit the feature-length version of ALIYAH, set to film in summer of 2020.


The Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC) is working toward a world where parties to armed conflicts recognize the dignity and rights of civilians, prevent civilian harm, protect civilians caught in conflict, and amend harm. CIVIC is assisting the Ukrainian government in the development and implementation of policies, tools, and training on the protection of civilians.


Timothy Snyder

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Red Famine

Anne Applebaum


Anne Applebaum


Vladislav Davidzon

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Jewish Virtual Library

Jewish History in Ukraine

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Dramaturgy Packet


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