At Boots on the Ground, our work is characterized by the attention to detail that we place on each community we collaborate with. All of our projects grow out of a need, issue, or specific mission and from there we decide the best medium for the story. Our current project, ALIYAH, for example is BOTG's first feature film. Our team of multitalented artists have worked to create immersive experiences, educational discussions, and interactive art spaces for and with our community partners for the past 3 years. Below is a chronological glimpse at our past projects.

Date: JUNE 2017--JULY 2018

Opening in partnership with Atlantic Stage and the Myrtle Beach Veterans Center, this one-woman show by George Brant examines the struggles of balancing military and civilian life. Each performance included a post-show discussion with a military counselor--allowing audiences to ask questions, debunk stigmas, and bridge the gap between military and civilian citizens. This production later toured to Fredericksburg, VA as well as Charleston, SC for the Piccolo Spoleto Festival.

Date: November 2018


A world premiere stage adaption of a book with the same title, collected by David Chrisinger. The show toured near Stevens Point, WI. SEE ME FOR WHO I AM showcased stories of various military personnel, inside and outside of service, and invited veterans who had written their own stories for the anthology to perform with BOTG actors. Afterwards, a discussion was held about the stories shared, fostering a deeper understanding of the life of military service members.

Date: Summer 2018


BOTG's first UNDERGROUND residency--an initiative that celebrates artistic collaboration and experimentation with
specific focus on a single community. BOTG assembled a team of seven artists from across the U.S. and took up residency the Eau Gallie Arts district, on Florida's Space Coast in order to cultivate community connections through art. Underground ArtSpace partnered performers, musicians, engineers, and astronauts--combining art, technology, and community culminating in a ground-breaking production of Darkside by Ken Jones.

Date: SUMMER 2018

Appropriately named, the dream team found a home in the main gallery of world-renowned artist Derek Gores for a month-long devised production of Ken Jones's aeronautical drama. These seven artists not only performed the show but collectively directed, designed, and produced the immersive event in Derek's space. The show featured a 360-degree stage, projection mapping, an original score, and a story closely tied to the history of the Space Coast.

Date: August 2018


Whoever said girls aren't funny, clearly has never met Jesse Edmonds and Shayna French. These ladies hand-crafted stand-up comedy sets with the intent of helping us through life's turmoil with laughter. The event was presented to audiences in Myrtle Beach, and proceeds were donated to the New Directions Women's Shelter. 

2019. Boots on the Ground Theater, Inc. Cocoa, FL

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